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Truly a taste of history — with New Mexico being the oldest wine growing region in the United States and the New Mexico Chile, being the defining ingredient of this region’s cuisine. Combining these two essential elements has created what has become the renowned Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta.

The Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta is a week of food and wine events that promote Santa Fe as a world-class culinary destination. Devoted to the fruitful pairing of wine and chile, this late September annual fiesta has become a favorite with food and wine connoisseurs across the country. It features more than 110 wineries and nearly 60 Santa Fe chefs participating in seminars, cooking demonstrations, guest chef luncheons, winemaker dinners, the famous Grand Food & Wine Tasting and a golf tournament.

Since the Festival’s inception, Bishop’s Lodge has been a supporter of the Wine & Chile Fiesta providing special wine dinners with world-class wineries, chef’s cooking demonstrations and wine tasting receptions. With deep roots and a long history with wine, Bishop’s Lodge is the ideal partner to the Wine and Chile Fiesta. Being the site of original cuttings brought back from France from the 1800s.

In 1851 Jean Baptiste Lamy was appointed by the Vatican to be the first Bishop of the newly formed Southwest Diocese. After completing his 10-year service in Ohio, he returned to his homeland, Auvergne, France, for a short visit. A passionate horticulturist, Bishop Lamy brought back plant cuttings for his new home in Santa Fe, with documented evidence these cuttings included grapevines. Pinot Noir is rare in Lamy's Auvergne, but Bishop Lamy had friends in the nearby Burgundy region, a possible, maybe likely, source for his grape cuttings. Bishop Lamy is well known for cultivating gardens in downtown Santa Fe, additionally he planted extensive gardens at his weekend retreat just 3 miles north of Santa Fe, which he named Villa Pintoresca – now known as Bishop's Lodge. The Mother Vines of this Pinot grape were re-located about 20 miles from the Resort in the 1960s. Cuttings from the Mother Vine were replanted back at the Resort in May of 2010 for the first planting of Bishop's Lodge Vineyard. The planting of the vines is our commitment and mission to preserve the land, culture and history of Lamy's Villa Pintoresca (Bishop's Lodge) and honor the traditions and heritage of this fruitful valley.