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About Bishop's Lodge

When it comes to authentic Santa Fe, Bishop's Lodge is your choice for an unequal destination experience. Unique and inviting, the Bishop's Lodge is a place where the reminders of centuries-old cultures endure.

Drum & Journey Circle at Bishop's Lodge

Our Drumming and Journey Circle is one hour, open to all ages and you need no musical talents or experience, just the desire to explore the power of drumming. Jade Gonzalez is our Drum Facilitator and is looking forward to having you in the Bishop's Lodge Drumming Circle.

Best of the Road - Best Food Small Town

Due in large part to the City of Santa Fe and its participant’s hard work, generosity, and support, Santa Fe won the Best Food Category in the Rand McNally/USA Today Best of the Road Competition 2012.

Road Bros Taste Santa Fe

Best of the Road's Road Bros Brian Cox and Mike Shubic take to Santa Fe, New Mexico to taste the amazing cuisine our city has to offer!

A Horseback Ride to the Soul

Horses capture the spirit and heart of Bishops Lodge. Make sure you take a ride when you come visit us. Special thanks to Camino Vérité Films.