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Growth & Empowerment Sessions

Master of Clinical Hypnotherapy: $120.00 Session fee

• "Past Life Regression" Uncovering Past Lives
• "Lifestyle Changes" Learning techniques for self guided empowerment"
• Customized sessions for personal growth and deeper understanding of self and others
• Sessions are approximately 1hour average

Relationship Coaching

• "Enhancing & Deepening your Connections"
• "Love, Passion & Sex" Create better experiences by being the truest expression of who you are.
• "Agreements of Mutual Understanding" These collaborative agreements apply to all relationships. Loving clarity supports each ones individual needs, requests and boundaries.
• "Sessions tailored for singles, couples and groups"

Drum & Journey Circle

• "Seamless Team Building" For groups of all sizes (minimum of 4 people)
• "Fortifying the Family" ‘Fun’damental drumming, a joyful & unifying experience!
• "The Way of The Drum" Life skills awareness & empowerment for ages 4-18
• "Drum and Journey" with your Spirit Animal Guides, symbols of kinship

$40 per person min of 4 people/ private session $60 per person
Friday, Sat, Sun 4-5pm, Sunset Group Sessions 5:30pm-6:30pm on the Mesa. Weather permitting.

Totem Work: $80.00 Session fee

• Connecting with your Spirit Animal Guides and understanding the messages they bring to your daily life.

Sacred Medicine of the "Talking Stick": $80.00 per person

Learn the tradition and importance of the talking stick. Create a unique and personalized talking stick that you can use throughout your life or gift to the ones you know will benefit from holding sacred communications.

All sessions are customized based on your individual or group needs.
36 hour notice is suggested for booking your session
24 hour cancelation policy applies to all sessions

Please contact the concierge 505 983 6377
or call Jade Gonzalez directly at 505 231-9335

You can read Jade’s testimonials on TripAdvisor.com