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Bishop's Lodge is the first to offer a genuine Southwestern experience minutes from downtown Santa Fe, NM. Equus is a horse-assisted personal development and leadership experience for individuals, families and organizations. A program of self-mastery, teambuilding and collaborative leadership based on the immediate and unbiased feedback of horses. Equus is the first of its kind in a resort setting, offering a creative, playful and remarkably powerful approach to leadership. Located

 at the stables at Bishop’s Lodge amidst sweeping views of the Tesuque Valley, Sangre de Cristo Mountains and Santa Fe National Forest, private hour long sessions up to four day custom curated leadership retreats are led by trained facilitators. No previous experience with horses is necessary, no riding is involved.

EQUUS provides an innovative forum where participants explore how to:

  • Develop and master non-verbal skills
  • Work through a power-with dynamic vs. a power-over dynamic
  • Diversify one's leadership skills and styles
  • Learn to enhance one's communication skills
  • Be present, and know its impact
  • Create trust and safety
  • Gain clarity of intention
  • Stay calm in a crisis
  • Sense emergent futures
  • Practice the art of collaborative leadership
  • Access wisdom
  • ... and much more.

We serve thought leaders, individuals, organizations, and families by offering:

  • Private coaching
  • Private half-day to multi-day intensives
    • - for individuals, couples, families
  • Corporate retreats
  • Signature retreats
    • - Women and Power - a total immersion four-day retreat
  • Long term "specific goal" contracts
    • - for individuals and organizations
  • Leadership labs
    • - theme-centered intensives (ie, trust, legacy creation, etc)
  • EQUUS facilitation certification
  • Natural Horsemanship clinics

"The horses invite us into more authenticity, grounded in being present with ourselves, our co-workers, family and friends and life itself,"" says lead trainer and founder of this unique program Kelly Wendorf. "Ours is the only program of its kind that provides an opportunity of this caliber, offering superior facilitation and unique approaches to learning within a luxurious resort setting."

This from Michelle Clements, Senior VP of Human Resources - REI

As a group of leaders, we participated in EQUUS, an amazing activity in which we built relationships with individual horses, using trust, appreciation of their personal space, and a bond that developed between each of us with our assigned horse. No riding was involved, just the opportunity to witness the power of relationships, even across species, in achieving an objective—a powerful metaphor that moved every one of us and gave us food for thought in how we respectfully interact with others. - Michelle Clements, Sr. VP of Human Resources, REI

For more information about scheduling EQUUS sessions or retreats at Bishop’s Lodge, contact Kelly Wendorf directly at 505.570.9908 or email her at Kelly@EquusExperience.com.

For more information about EQUUS visit www.EquusExperience.com