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Naturally Green since 1916

Bishop's Lodge in Santa Fe, New Mexico is most often known for its majestic location, luxurious services, and tranquil atmosphere. But we are also committed to supporting the environment with many Eco-Friendly hotel initiatives, such as:

  • Water conservation
  • Green horticultural servicing
  • Energy efficient light bulbs, timers and motion sensors
  • Donating old sheets, towels, table linens, furniture, carpeting, window coverings, appliances, bedspreads, etc. for resale and re-use
  • Offering guestrooms with windows that open or are part of a fresh-air exchange system
  • Offering our guests optional daily towels and linens reuse service
  • Using Eco-Friendly to-go containers
  • Recycling all office paper
  • Selecting preferred vendors with Eco-Friendly products and services

We offers a great variety of green programs in support of our high desert community where water is such a precious resource. Bishop's Lodge has an on-property water reclamation system filter and recycles all of our water. The resulting gray water is used to water gardens and landscaping. As the water filters through the soil on its way to ground and subterranean water sources, it is cleaned. No fertilizers or pesticides are used on the landscaping to avoid contaminating the well source.

The use of alternative forms of energy is highly-emphasized at our Eco-Friendly, Santa Fe resort. We use low-flow toilets, shower heads and faucets and our kitchen stoves and ovens are fuelled with natural gas.

This Santa Fe resort also supports local farms and their produce is procured from Bishop Lodge fruit trees. Additionally, Bishop's Lodge housekeeping service avoids using perfumed or scented laundry supplies, carpet cleaners, cleaning supplies or air fresheners.

Bishop's Lodge has been and will continue to be dedicated to an extensive and effective Eco-Friendly program.