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The Drum & Journey Circle

Bishops Lodge and Jade Gonzalez are pleased to bring our groups and meetings a truly unique team building experience, “The Drum & Journey Circle.” Jade has merged her knowledge as a clinical hypnotherapist with insight from her native heritage and her experience as a drum and team building facilitator to create unique programs. The outdoor experiential learning takes individuals and teams out of their comfort zones asking them to go beyond their perceived limitations by challenging their ingrained thinking and behaviors. They are truly explorations into understanding your team’s dynamics.

Collaborative Drum Circles create a greater sense of community within your organization:
•    Uplift workplace morale
•    Work better as a team
•    Improve communication skills
•    Reach and develop untapped creativity
•    Listen to each other better
•    Develop flexible leadership skills
•    Encourage innovation
•    Bond as a group
•    Have a lot of fun

For more information on The Drum & Journey Circle or other custom group and teambuilding activities at Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa, call 800-419-0492.

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