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SháNah Spa Body Treatments

Purification Polish

Native Americans use ground corn to cleanse and purify the skin. Borrowing from this wisdom, we blend blue corn with mineral salts and Aloe Vera gel to make a refreshing and nourishing body scrub, which is then rinsed off in our invigorating Vichy Shower. We finish this treatment with a hydrating massage. You leave feeling refreshed, and your skin leaves with a healthy, vital glow. (Please do not shave or exfoliate skin 24 hours prior to polish.)

  • 50 minutes

Herbal Detoxification Wrap

The lymph system is often considered the other circulatory system of the body because it is instrumental in the integrity of the body's immune response. We begin this treatment with a lymphatic stimulation followed by an application of Tesuque clay spread over the lymph zones. We then wrap you in sheets infused with herbs, creating your own private sweat bath. This is the perfect treatment for a total systemic detoxification.

  • 50 minutes

Tesuque Clay Wrap

This unique high desert treatment begins with a light dry exfoliation of the skin. A mineral rich clay masque is then applied to your entire body to nourish and detoxify the skin. After a refreshing splash in our Swiss Shower, we finish this treatment with a light massage using our signature blend of oil that is infused with native herbs to balance and moisturize your skin. You will be left feeling wholly energized, nourished and balanced.

  • 50 minutes

Stimulating Herbal Cellulite Treatment

This treatment helps to improve the condition of cellulite deposits through increased blood circulation, while also working to burn fat cells in the fatty tissue. Your therapist will apply our organic treatment to your body, before wrapping you in a warm cocoon of blankets, allowing you to sweat out stored toxins. After rinsing off in our Swiss Shower, your therapist will complete this treatment with a deep tissue massage that will help to break up fatty tissue. (Please do not shave or exfoliate 24 hours prior to treatment. Skin may appear red up to two hours after treatment.)

  • 50 minutes

Cooling Hand & Foot Treatment

Nurture the parts of your body that work the hardest with this relaxing treatment. Your hands and feet will be gently exfoliated and then treated with a tingling Peppermint Masque. Your treatment will be complete after you are lovingly massaged with cooling Cucumber Butter. You'll walk away from this experience entirely rejuvenated.

  • 50 minutes