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Top 10 Tips for Productive Meetings

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Get down to business at Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa with these tips to make the most out of your meeting:

  1. Start and end on time. When a meeting starts late, people are conditioned to believe other meetings will start late, so therefore they can arrive late. If the meeting does need to run long, be sure to let your audience know, so they know the end is in sight.
  2. Encourage engagement. For the most synergistic meetings, find a way to draw out the people who are hesitant to chime in.
  3. Chit-chat is important. Plan for social time before and after meetings in order for attendees and presenters to relate on a personal level.
  4. Create an agenda and stick to it. Creating and following an agenda ensures that everyone is on the same page.
  5. Limit distractions. Keep outside noise to a minimum and request that people refrain from using phones, tablets and computers for anything unrelated to the topic at hand.
  6. Schedule breaks for people to check email and phone. People receive an extraordinary number of phone calls, text messages and emails each day. Allow a few minutes every so often to check in.
  7. Make sure you have everything you need. Coordinate with our team to make sure your meeting space is equipped with everything you need for your presentations.
  8. Provide variety at meals. With an increase in special dietary needs, the most productive meetings will provide a wide breadth of meals.
  9. Check for comfy chairs. If your meetings are long, participants will have a hard time focusing more than a few hours in uncomfortable chairs. At Bishop’s Lodge, our chairs are designed for your comfort.
  10. Determine specific action items. At the end of the meeting, be sure that all action items are clear, and that the person or people in charge of each item is determined and a feasible deadline is established.

For group meeting specials, packages and details, contact Veronica by email at or by phone at 505.992.3604. Happy meeting!

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