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Tips for Planning a Fairytale Fall Wedding

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Fall is a fabulous seasons for weddings. Not too hot nor too cold, guests are able to enjoy the gorgeous backdrop fall foliage provides and you don’t have to worry they’ll be out of town on vacation. No wonder September is the most popular month for weddings, with 14% of all annual weddings taking place this month.

Below, you’ll find our top tips for planning autumn nuptials.

Think Outside the Box

While it may be a natural instinct to stick with seasonal staples such as pumpkins and pinecones, we recommend thinking outside the box. Try using less conventional decorations such as cranberries, acorns, and dried wheat.

For a contemporary look, fill rectangular vases with water and add bobbing cranberries and floating tea-light candles.

Color is Key

When choosing a palette, consider fall hues like burgundy, copper, eggplant, forest green or brown. But avoid mixing too many of these seasonal classics, as it may relay a more youthful vibe than you’d like. For your tables, rather than pairing multiple colors, play with different textures instead. Velvet and heavy satin table cloths give off a more formal feel, while knit or crochet will work for a casual, rustic reception.

Taste the Season

When you think of fall, we all have a seasonal food favorite that comes to mind. Don’t be afraid to treat your guests to familiar flavors like pumpkin pie, apple turnovers or persimmon.

You might even go so far as to extend this theme to the cocktails. Nothing says autumn like a great apple cider.

For more tips and tricks for fall or any season of the year, contact our Event Director Kristina Kohl by phone at 505-819-4006 or by email at

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