There’s No Better Place to Pursue Happiness than at Bishop’s Lodge

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This week, we’re celebrating Pursuit of Happiness Week. More than an unalienable constitutional right, we believe the pursuit of happiness is the key to living fulfilling life. You might ask, “What does Bishop’s Lodge have to do with my own pursuit of happiness?”  So we figured we’d share a few reasons Bishop’s Lodge makes us happy. Perhaps next time you’re here, these things will aid in your happiness pursuit:

The Views: Nestled on 450 beautiful acres in the Tesuque Valley of Northern New Mexico, the views from Bishop’s Lodge are unlike any other location in Santa Fe. Whether sun or snow-drenched, the mountainous surroundings are sure to take your breath away.

The Horses: Whether you’re on a trail ride or simply observing, the many personalities of our horses are fascinating, particularly in a surrounding such as Bishop’s Lodge.

The Trails: Whether biking, running or hiking, the trails at Bishop’s Lodge are sure to elevate your heart rate and your endorphins. An outdoor workout is always a great way to find happiness.

The Food: Many people believe food is happiness and we couldn’t agree more. We love to bring together family and friends over a bottle of Bishop’s Lodge Heritage wine and authentic Santa Fe cuisine.

Next time you find yourself in pursuit of happiness, call us at 505-629-4822 to find out what we can do to help with your journey.

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