The Drum & Journey Circle Experience with Jade Gonzalez

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Bishops Lodge and Jade Gonzalez are pleased to announce this weekend only we are taking reservations for our third season of The Drum & Journey Circle. Available to couples, families, and groups, these reservations are your way to ensure your spot at a once in a lifetime experience.

We have received great feedback from the families and corporate groups who have participated in The Drum & Journey Circle. This year we are again offering custom designed team building programs for families and groups of all sizes.

Jade’s curriculums for The Drum & Journey Circle are designed to be more than a typical drum circle. Jade has merged her knowledge as a clinical hypnotherapist with insight from her native heritage and her experience as a drum and team building facilitator to create unique programs. They are truly explorations into understanding your team’s dynamics. Jade’s ability to custom design a team building program, either a Drum & Journey Circle or her many experiential team building activities offers your group the most effective and FUN team building experience available. Jade’s team has over 20 years experience leading experiential programs.

The outdoor experiential learning takes individuals and teams out of their comfort zones asking them to go beyond their perceived limitations by challenging their ingrained thinking and behaviors.

There are numerous ways to get to what could be called a ‘teachable moment’ by replicating life and the work environment, using the outcomes of the lessons as a foundation for self reflection and honest discussion, which is supported by the curriculum and a philosophy that teaches life skills.

Programs are custom designed to provide unique team experiences. We work directly with each client to develop a program consistent with the client’s objectives and desired outcomes.

Jade says, “I see each family, group and corporation as an intricate web of people and paradigms. Each person has his place on the web in which to be and to function and hold integrity to fortify the web.”

Drumming sessions are open to all ages, and require no prior drum experience to participate. Let the rhythmic tones teach you about personal connections and teamwork as you work together to create an experience larger than yourself. Reserve your seat today for an experience you will never forget!

10 Key Benefits of Experiential Learning in Collaborative Rhythms Drum Circles:

• Create a greater sense of community within your organization.

• Uplift workplace morale.

• Work better as a team.

• Improve communication skills.

• Reach and develop untapped creativity

• Listen to each other better.

• Develop flexible leadership skills.

• Encourage innovation.

• Bond as a group.

• Have a lot of fun.


Jade Gonzalez

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