Team Building Lessons Learned from the Beat of a Drum

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At Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa, we offer a variety of team building activities. One such activity that’s gaining poularity is our Drum Circles, lead by Jade Gonzales.  Playing within the context of a drum circle is truly an example of the concept of teamwork at its highest level. As the rhythms come together and grow, we quickly realize the need for trust and dependence amongst our fellow drummers. So many of the lessons we learn in the drum circle can be directly applied in our homes, our schools, our workplaces, and our lives:

We learn to relax.

We learn to let go.

We learn to lead when necessary, and follow as needed.

We learn to focus intensely at times, and to just feel our way along at others.

We learn that although we may have differences with co-workers, family, that we each have a similar need for support, to be successful.

We learn to accept and appreciate other’s differences and how we can benefit from supporting personal individuality and expression.

And we learn how–without balance and harmony–the slightest hint of discord can send the whole thing spiraling out of control.

These are important lessons. The beauty is that, when learned in the proper environment, the actual learning process becomes invisible. The transition between these elements is seamless and transparent, and the concepts become as natural as breathing. Not the individual rhythms, of course–many of those take years to truly master–but rather our awareness of ourselves and our role in the bigger picture (in the circle and in life).

Take a moment to watch the below video of a recent group Drum Circle session at Bishop’s Lodge. If any of the groups you’re a member of – your family, your work, your organizations – would benefit from a Drum Circle, call us at 505-629-4822 to schedule a session.

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