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Tequila 101: A Guide to Flights & Tasting

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By: Jordan Barnes, Social Media Specialist for Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa

This winter, Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa is bringing a taste of Mexico to New Mexico by introducing tequila flights to our Las Fuentes bar menu! In preparation for our flight “takeoff”, the Las Fuentes staff has learned a lot about tequila. In this blog post, you’ll learn our tequila takeaways.

Where does tequila come from?

Tequila barrels 2

Tequila Barrels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tequila is distilled from blue Weber agave. Mexico’s volcanic soil makes it the ideal terrain for growing this agave, which is why most tequila is distilled in Mexico.

Should there be a worm in my tequila?

Never. This was actually a marketing gimmick devised in the 1940’s, and still somehow exists today. If you see a worm, you’re probably drinking mescal, a product often confused for tequila.

What are the different types of tequila?

There are four main types of tequila, all distinguished by age.

1.)  Blanco (also called silver, plata, or platinum) is the original tequila. It is bottled directly after distillation and is clear in color.

2.)  Reposado, or “rested,” is usually aged between two and twelve months in wooden barrels. The flavor and color of the tequila depends upon the type of wood the tequila is aged in.

3.)  Anejo, meaning “vintage” is aged between one and three years in oak barrels. With a darker color, smoother flavor, and more complex taste than reposado, anejo tequilas are sipping tequilas, best served neat rather than with salt and lime.

4.)  Extra-Anejo is ultra-aged Anejo, aged for more than three years in oak casks. This tequila commands higher prices, which makes it the perfect spirit for special occasions.

What are horizontal and vertical flights?

A horizontal flight is a group of three to five tequilas in the same age category from different distilleries.

A vertical flight is a group of three to five tequilas generally from the same distillery, that are of different categories. Tasters typically have an easier time discerning differences in taste in vertical flights than in horizontal flights.

Ready to start your Santa Fe tequila tasting?

We have the perfect reason for you to visit Las Fuentes Restaurant & Bar– Santa Fe Restaurant Week! From Feb. 23 – Mar. 2, we’re offering any appetizer, entrée, and dessert, for only $30.

Bishop's Lodge

Bishop's Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa (Photo credit: millr)


To view our dinner and flight tasting menu, click here.

Reservations can be made on OpenTable or by calling 505.819.4035.

Be sure to share your tequila tasting thoughts on our Facebook Page!



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