Story Time: Halloween Edition – Santa Fe Ghost Tales

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Established in 1607, Santa Fe is the second oldest city founded by European colonists in the United States. And with history comes… ghosts! If the streets of Santa Fe could talk, they would have many ghost stories to tell. Unfortunately, they can’t; therefore, we’ll tell the ghost stories for them:

Alto Street

A horseman is said to have lost his head to two Spanish witches, after complaining about a love potion they gave him. He now reportedly haunts Alto Street on horseback, yielding a sword.

Laguna Pueblo Mission

Father Padilla was murdered by Indians in 1733 and was buried beneath the floor at the Islata Pueblo Church. His coffin rose out of the earth in front of the altar not long after his burial and again 20 years later. The last report of the coffin rising through the church floor is in 1889

La Residencia

Now a nursing home, this building used to be a community hospital. A boy died in room 311 from injuries sustained from a car accident. His dad also died in this car accident and today, some hear the muffled crying of the little boy.

Do you have ghosts in your town? Tell us where you’re from and we’ll find out for you!

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