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Meet the Horses – Pistol Pete

Posted by bishopslodgemgr in On the Trail, Our Horses

Howdy! My name is Pistol Pete, but you can call me Pistol if you’d like. I’m a 16 year old Draft-Pony Cross Gelding. I’m a sorrel horse with a flaxen mane and tail, just like my friend, Buster. I have big feet, though I’m short and stocky. Every once in a while, I get hungry on the trail and take a breather to grab a bite to eat. While I prefer carrots and apples, I’ll eat pretty much anything I can get my hooves on. If you’re an intermediate rider who has the strength to pull up my big (and beautiful) head, I may be the horse for you!

Fun fact: Pistol Pete’s best friend is Buster.

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