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Howdy there! My name’s Camaro. I’m a thoroughbred Gelding. I’m 20 years old, which makes me one of the oldest horses at Bishop’s Lodge. I’d like to think it also makes me one of the wisest, thanks to my years of experiences.

Sometimes people mistake old with slow. I suppose I’m the exception to the stereotype. After all, my name is Camaro! That’s not to say I’m always speedy like the car I’m named after, it really all depends on my rider.

When I’m not showing new friends around Bishop’s Lodge’s many acres, you can catch me nibbling on my favorite food, carrots, and enjoying the Santa Fe climate. Sometimes I like to jam to my favorite tunes. My top pick from my playlist is “Go Lil’ Camaro Go” by The Ramones.

Next time you’re at Bishop’s Lodge, stop by and see me. This month and next, we’re even offering 2 for 1 horseback rides to anyone who mentions the code ‘PARTNER.’ To book your Bishop’s Lodge adventure, just call my friends at (505) 819-4013.

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