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Meet Our Horses – Cadillac

Posted by bishopslodgemgr in Our Horses

Howdy y’all! I’m Cadillac. I’m a 16 year-old Draft cross Mare, which means I’m a girl horse. People often say I’m Chestnut because of my color, but that really just makes me hungry for chestnuts.

I got the name Cadillac because I ride like one – smooth! Not to mention, Cadillacs are usually good-looking cars and, well, I’m a good-looking horse. As much as I love riding with Bishop’s Lodge guests, it also feels good to get back to my home at the stables so I tend to pick up the pace on the last leg of my rides.

If you’re an intermediate rider looking for an adventure, call my friends at (505) 819-4013 to schedule a ride with me!

Fun fact: my favorite song is Cowboy Cadillac by Chris Ledoux

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