Kettlebell Classes Kick-Off at Bishop’s Lodge

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If you’ve seen the cast-iron kettlebells at your gym recently and wondered whether they serve a purpose aside from keeping doors open, we’re here to confirm that the rumors are true. Kettlebell workout classes, which have become increasingly popular in recent months, have come to Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa!

What’s all the hype about? A recent study shows kettlebell workouts can burn nearly 300 calories in only 20 minutes! Furthermore, once you factor in calories burned post-workout, that number could increase by up to 50 percent.

The kettlebell is essentially a new take on a traditional tool – the dumbbell. The kettlebell workout is more challenging because the weight of the bell is uneven, causing stabilizer muscles to work even harder.

Next time you’re at Bishop’s Lodge, find out for yourself just how effective our kettlebell workout can be! Our one-hour class begins at 8:00 a.m. every Saturday. The class, taught by Certified Personal Trainer Eric Chang, is free to guests and only $10 for non-guests.

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