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Tequila 101: A Guide to Flights & Tasting

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By: Jordan Barnes, Social Media Specialist for Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa

This winter, Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa is bringing a taste of Mexico to New Mexico by introducing tequila flights to our Las Fuentes bar menu! In preparation for our flight “takeoff”, the Las Fuentes staff has learned a lot about tequila. In this blog post, you’ll learn our tequila takeaways.

Where does tequila come from?

Tequila barrels 2

Tequila Barrels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tequila is distilled from blue Weber agave. Mexico’s volcanic soil makes it the ideal terrain for growing this agave, which is why most tequila is distilled in Mexico.

Should there be a worm in my tequila?

Never. This was actually a marketing gimmick devised in the 1940’s, and still somehow exists today. If you see a worm, you’re probably drinking mescal, a product often confused for tequila.

What are the different types of tequila?

There are four main types of tequila, all distinguished by age.

1.)  Blanco (also called silver, plata, or platinum) is the original tequila. It is bottled directly after distillation and is clear in color.

2.)  Reposado, or “rested,” is usually aged between two and twelve months in wooden barrels. The flavor and color of the tequila depends upon the type of wood the tequila is aged in.

3.)  Anejo, meaning “vintage” is aged between one and three years in oak barrels. With a darker color, smoother flavor, and more complex taste than reposado, anejo tequilas are sipping tequilas, best served neat rather than with salt and lime.

4.)  Extra-Anejo is ultra-aged Anejo, aged for more than three years in oak casks. This tequila commands higher prices, which makes it the perfect spirit for special occasions.

What are horizontal and vertical flights?

A horizontal flight is a group of three to five tequilas in the same age category from different distilleries.

A vertical flight is a group of three to five tequilas generally from the same distillery, that are of different categories. Tasters typically have an easier time discerning differences in taste in vertical flights than in horizontal flights.

Ready to start your Santa Fe tequila tasting?

We have the perfect reason for you to visit Las Fuentes Restaurant & Bar– Santa Fe Restaurant Week! From Feb. 23 – Mar. 2, we’re offering any appetizer, entrée, and dessert, for only $30.

Bishop's Lodge

Bishop's Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa (Photo credit: millr)


To view our dinner and flight tasting menu, click here.

Reservations can be made on OpenTable or by calling 505.819.4035.

Be sure to share your tequila tasting thoughts on our Facebook Page!



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Bishop's Lodge Romance

Valentine’s Day is a Special Time in Santa Fe

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Valentine’s Day is a special holiday here in Santa Fe. Every local business goes out of their way to provide all of our guests with a romantic getaway. Here at Bishops Lodge Ranch Resort and Spa, we have everything a couple needs to have that fairytale V-Day.

This Valentine’s Day, sweethearts have the opportunity take part in our Villas for Valentines special. In addition to discounted rates on our two- and three-bedroom villas,, guests will receive a $100 resort credit to be used on anything from couples massages to romantic dinners at Las Fuentes. To start the romantic holiday off right, guest will be greeted with complimentary wine and fresh strawberries upon arrival.

The city of Santa Fe is also getting into the romantic spirit with complementary maps for a self-guided chocolate walking tour. This tour will take couples on a picturesque walk through the city, with five stops at local chocolatiers. At each stop there will be samples of some of the world’s finest chocolates.

After the romantic walk through the city, guests can come back to Bishops Lodge and enjoy a romantic dinner for two at Las Fuentes Restaurant & Bar. For only $99 couples will receive a romantic three-course meal. Guests will be dining while listening to the crackling fire and the sounds of Robert Sequoia’s classical guitar, all while taking in the majestic views of the Tesuque Valley and Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

There is no better way to spend Valentines Day this year than by staying at Bishops Lodge Ranch Resort and Spa. Our staff will make sure each of our valentines has the perfect romantic getaway. For more information on Bishop’s Lodge and our Valentine’s Day specials, visit

Santa Fe Ski

Santa Fe – A Hidden Gem for Skiers

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Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa is the closest full-service resort to Ski Santa Fe, the area’s premier ski area.

When planning a ski trip many people often think they have to travel long distances to reach the perfect slopes when in actuality, some of the best conditions in the country happen to be right here in Santa Fe.

The ski resorts in the Santa Fe area experience 300 inches of snow annually, providing the local resorts with amazing snow conditions and a long ski season. In addition, New Mexico itself experiences over 300 days of sunshine per year. These two factors combine to make New Mexico an ideal skiing destination. Whether you are an experienced skier looking for steep terrain and fresh powder, or a beginner interested in trying the sport for the first time, Santa Fe has the perfect slope for you.

An important aspect of any enjoyable skiing getaway is lodging. At Bishop’s Lodge, we provide the perfect lodging experience to complete an enjoyable winter getaway. Whether visitors want to relax in our 24/7 hot tub after a long day of skiing, or take a break all together and enjoy our award winning ShaNah Spa, Bishop’s Lodge offers something for everyone.

Bishop’s Lodge is currently offering ski packages for two, starting at just $149. Included in the package, guests receive a complementary breakfast, along with a variety of on site activities such as sledding, hiking, and snowshoeing, all located on our 450-acre property.

Staying at Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa offers world-class service to complement Santa Fe’s world-class ski conditions.  For more information on Bishop’s Lodge or the surrounding ski areas, visit


Story Time: Halloween Edition – Santa Fe Ghost Tales

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Established in 1607, Santa Fe is the second oldest city founded by European colonists in the United States. And with history comes… ghosts! If the streets of Santa Fe could talk, they would have many ghost stories to tell. Unfortunately, they can’t; therefore, we’ll tell the ghost stories for them:

Alto Street

A horseman is said to have lost his head to two Spanish witches, after complaining about a love potion they gave him. He now reportedly haunts Alto Street on horseback, yielding a sword.

Laguna Pueblo Mission

Father Padilla was murdered by Indians in 1733 and was buried beneath the floor at the Islata Pueblo Church. His coffin rose out of the earth in front of the altar not long after his burial and again 20 years later. The last report of the coffin rising through the church floor is in 1889

La Residencia

Now a nursing home, this building used to be a community hospital. A boy died in room 311 from injuries sustained from a car accident. His dad also died in this car accident and today, some hear the muffled crying of the little boy.

Do you have ghosts in your town? Tell us where you’re from and we’ll find out for you!


Mountain Geocaching Adventure and Treasure Hunt at Bishop’s Lodge

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Saturday, October 20th

Enjoy a game-oriented hike in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains at the scenic Bishop’s Lodge Ranch & Resort.  This adventure combines fun, physical activity and GPS technology.  Participants use GPS devices to search for hidden spots.  At each location, they unearth a clue to help them find the next destination. Kids are rewarded with treasures during the adventure.  This guided event promotes bonding, fun and challenge while educating everyone on our natural surroundings and a new generation of orienteering technology.

Time: 1:00 – 3:30 p.m.

Meeting location: Main Lobby of Bishop’s Lodge Ranch & Resort

Cost: $40 per person plus tax. Includes guided adventure, snacks and beverages, souvenir water bottle and treasures for kids.

Reservations required: Please contact Santa Fe Mountain Adventures at 505-988-4000 or Bishop’s Lodge at 505-819-4020. Space is subject to availability. 


Santa Fe – A Beautiful Adventure All Year Long

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Bishop’s Lodge guests love the change of seasons in Santa Fe – from the vividly-colored leaves falling from the trees in the crisp fall weather to the snowy winter mountain tops to the brilliant summer sun. We have cold winters and hot summers. We’re located in a dessert, yet we’re currently in our rainy, or as the locals call it, “monsoon” season.

No matter which season we’re in, the weather always seems to suit Bishop’s Lodge. Check out this photo Chef Christopher McLean caught after a recent rainfall:


Local Hotels Make Room for Artists

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Source: ABQ Journal

By Emily Van Cleve

Read the original article here.

By 11 a.m. one recent morning, La Posada de Santa Fe Resort & Spa’s art curator Sara Eyestone had done a full day’s work.

“I’ve sold four paintings this morning,” she said after ending a call with a client. “In the past four years that I’ve been art curator at La Posada, we’ve had three-quarter of a million dollars in sales.”

While La Posada has been inviting artists to exhibit their work for decades, other Santa Fe area hotels have developed an arts presence recently, with the Inn and Spa at Loretto actually installing artists at work on their pieces in the hotel’s lobby this year.

At La Posada, it wasn’t until Eyestone came on board that art has become a thriving business there.

“Before I came here, galleries were invited to show their art, but it wasn’t working very well,” said Eyestone, who is also a painter. “I proposed to hotel management that I wanted to capture the glory days years ago, when artists painted in the hotel’s gardens. Many of the artists we represent today come here to paint. I frequently paint by the fireplaces in the living room and the library.”

Paintings are visible on most walls in public areas. With work by 49 artists from around the country hanging in the bar, restaurant, library and throughout the hallways, it’s hard to find a solid white wall in the main building.

The business side of La Posada’s art is run with the efficiency of a well-established gallery. Artists agree to an exclusive relationship with the hotel, meaning that they do not sell their work at any other venue in town. Eyestone displays everything in the hotel’s art inventory. Many of the sales take place after guests or visitors have left town.

“They either contact me months later with inquiries about particular artists that caught their eye or they return and rediscover an artist that they begin to collect,” she said.

Paintings are offered at “studio” prices. “Our artists’ paintings sell for twice as much in galleries in other cities,” said Eyestone, who added that La Posada takes a small percentage of the selling price but wouldn’t say how much.

Landscapes, figurative work and still lifes sell well at the hotel, but abstract work does not. Eyestone said that more than 400 artists are on a waiting list to have their work shown there.

Early in the year, the Inn and Spa at Loretto decided to invite artists who are represented by galleries in town to show their work and do demonstrations in the inn’s lobby.

“At first, we hosted artists once or twice a month,” said the Inn and Spa at Loretto’s director of sales and marketing Dana Ortega. “The program has evolved so much in the past several months. Since July, we’ve had artists working in the lobby four times a week for four hours at a time.”

The inn’s management cleared out the furniture in a section of the lobby, upgraded the lighting and made room for jewelers, painters and sculptors to share the artistic process with inn guests.

“It costs us money to run our artist-in-residence program,” Ortega said. “We dedicate space to the artwork, and we have to maintain that space. We take the time to answer phone calls about the art and the artists. When an artist or gallery sells a piece, we don’t take a cent of the sales price.”

Ortega said that the inn’s intent in starting the artist-in-residence program was never to make money. “We want to provide our guests with the opportunity to walk right up to an artist and have the experience of connecting with them,” she added. “We’ve had lots of good feedback from our guests. They love it.”

According to landscape painter Margi Lucena, whose work is represented by Selby Fleetwood Gallery on Canyon Road, being an artist-in-residence has meant expanding her client base.

“It’s absolutely helped to be part of the program,” said Lucena, who lives and works in Socorro. “Sometimes people go to Selby Fleetwood after they watch me paint. Every time I’m there, and I’ve been there once a month since early in the year, people come up and talk with me. I like the contact. Some artists might not.”

Sculptor and goldsmith Larry Stark spent four days working at the Inn and Spa at Loretto at the end of August. A resident of California, his work is represented by Wiford Gallery on Canyon Road.

“Over the course of the four days, a fair amount of people stopped by,” he said. “I met all kinds of people. I saw some of my collectors and people who collect work from Wiford Gallery. I like showing people what I do. It worked for me.”

Enhancing their guests’ experience is the reason that Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa displays two- and three-dimensional artworks of 30 to 50 deceased and living artists throughout the property, said managing director Rich Verruni.

“We have a variety of work, from landscapes to horse stuff and Native American art,” he said. “Some of the work has a religious nature.”

Bishop’s Lodge works out business relationships with artists on a case-by-case basis. The management does not take a percentage of sales but has talked with artists about making some kind of donation to a nonprofit group the lodge supports.

Several months ago, Bishop’s Lodge decided to expand its art offerings and create a photographic gallery on the property. A call to artists has been posted on its website.

“We’re planning to select one photographer to show work here for a six-month period of time,” Verruni explained. “We’re open to a variety of subject matter that works with an historic lodge, so it will be interesting to see what submissions we get.”

Centennial-License-Plate-1024x512 copy

Happy Birthday, New Mexico!

Posted by bishopslodgemgr in Santa Fe

Did you know that Bishop’s Lodge is older than New Mexico’s statehood? Bishop Lamy’s private retreat – where Bishop’s Lodge stands today – was established in 1853. On January 6, 1912, President William Howard Taft signed New Mexico’s statehood bill, making New Mexico the 47th state in the Union. Click here to find events and programs across Santa Fe and New Mexico commemorating the State’s Centennial.

New Mexico's USPS Centennial Stamp