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Meet the Horses – Buster

Posted by bishopslodgemgr in On the Trail, Our Horses

Hi, I’m Buster! I’m 20 years old and I’m a Belgian-Draft Gelding (Gelding means I’m a boy). They say I’m Sorrel in color, but “sorrel” is just a fancy word for “chestnut.” Despite my large size, I like to take my time on the trails. I’m a pretty mellow so if you’re a beginner, I may be the horse for you! I’m also blind in my left eye, but it doesn’t affect my performance, it just makes me unique.  If you’re heading to my home, Bishop’s Lodge, hope to meet you soon!

Fun Fact: Buster’s favorite song is Tennessee Stud by Johnny Cash

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Meet Our Horses – Toby Joe

Posted by bishopslodgemgr in Our Horses

Howdy, y’all! I’m Toby Joe. I’m a12 year-old Paint Gelding – a Tri-Paint to some because I have brown, black and white on my coat. I’m mostly white, although I sometimes think it looks like I dipped my head in a bucket of chocolate.

I’ve been giving rides for years now and it’s something I really enjoy. I especially like giving kids rides, and it seems they like me, too. I’m always excited to start my day so I’m often the first one out of the gate in the morning.

When I’m not giving rides, you can catch me listening to my favorite song, White Horse by Taylor Swift. I’m convinced she’s talking about me!

If you’re an intermediate rider looking for an adventure, call my friends at (505) 819-4013 to schedule a ride with me!

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Meet our Horses – Preacher

Posted by bishopslodgemgr in Our Horses

Howdy partner! My name is Preacher and I am an 18 year-old, Sorrel Thoroughbred Gelding, just like my best friend, Prince. I take riders of any experience level out on the lovely trails here at Bishop’s Lodge. People always tell me I’m easy to get along with, so I’m sure you and I would kick it off just nicely!

Unlike those horses that run in the Kentucky Derby, I’m a nice, mellow, gentle giant of a horse. I’m not one for competition, I’d much rather take it easy and enjoy the scenic views around my home here on the ranch.

I also love to take little pony naps when I am by the mounting block, there’s always enough time in the day for a little relaxing! You know what they say, “life’s about taking ‘you’ time and enjoying the little things”, or the big things like me!

Next time you’re looking to spend some “you” time,  give my friends at the stables a call and I’ll show you around Bishop’s Lodge! I hope to see ya’ll soon!

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Meet Our Horses – Promise

Posted by bishopslodgemgr in On the Trail, Our Horses

Howdy, folks! My name is Promise. I’m a 20 year-old Quarter Horse Mare. I’m sorrel in color and I have three white socks. My socks are really just made of fur but I like to think they make me more like my riding buddies who wear real socks.

I’m the oldest horse at Bishop’s Lodge in age but not in spirit. In my old age, I’ve grown to be wise very wise and I think my other horse friends are starting to catch on. They look up to me and follow my lead, which is nice. I’m not a corral pet but I would like to think I’m one of our wrangler’s favorite horses.

I’m great with the kids and love to stay in the corral so I often give pony rides. I’m the perfect horse for first-timers.

I “promise” you’ll have a great time!


Meet Our Horses – Camaro

Posted by bishopslodgemgr in Our Horses

Howdy there! My name’s Camaro. I’m a thoroughbred Gelding. I’m 20 years old, which makes me one of the oldest horses at Bishop’s Lodge. I’d like to think it also makes me one of the wisest, thanks to my years of experiences.

Sometimes people mistake old with slow. I suppose I’m the exception to the stereotype. After all, my name is Camaro! That’s not to say I’m always speedy like the car I’m named after, it really all depends on my rider.

When I’m not showing new friends around Bishop’s Lodge’s many acres, you can catch me nibbling on my favorite food, carrots, and enjoying the Santa Fe climate. Sometimes I like to jam to my favorite tunes. My top pick from my playlist is “Go Lil’ Camaro Go” by The Ramones.

Next time you’re at Bishop’s Lodge, stop by and see me. This month and next, we’re even offering 2 for 1 horseback rides to anyone who mentions the code ‘PARTNER.’ To book your Bishop’s Lodge adventure, just call my friends at (505) 819-4013.

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Meet The Horses – Poncho

Posted by bishopslodgemgr in Our Horses

Hi, I’m Poncho! I’m a 12 year-old Quarter Horse Geldging. Though my coat looks dark red, my friends on the ranch say that I’m Sorrel in color. I love a good adventure and I love being outside. I’m always the first one to the gate. Well, most of the time at least. Sometimes by friend Toby tries to beat me but we all know I’m faster.

I love being around kids of all ages. I’m friendly and people tell me I can be a little chatty but people seem to enjoy spending time with me on both pony rides and trail rides. Whether it will be your first time on a horse or you’re an experienced rider, I could be the horse for you!

Fun fact: My favorite place at Bishop’s Lodge are the villas. I like to call them the Poncho Villas!

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Meet Our Horses – Cadillac

Posted by bishopslodgemgr in Our Horses

Howdy y’all! I’m Cadillac. I’m a 16 year-old Draft cross Mare, which means I’m a girl horse. People often say I’m Chestnut because of my color, but that really just makes me hungry for chestnuts.

I got the name Cadillac because I ride like one – smooth! Not to mention, Cadillacs are usually good-looking cars and, well, I’m a good-looking horse. As much as I love riding with Bishop’s Lodge guests, it also feels good to get back to my home at the stables so I tend to pick up the pace on the last leg of my rides.

If you’re an intermediate rider looking for an adventure, call my friends at (505) 819-4013 to schedule a ride with me!

Fun fact: my favorite song is Cowboy Cadillac by Chris Ledoux

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Meet Our Horses – Famous Shoes

Posted by bishopslodgemgr in Our Horses

Howdy partners! My name is Famous Shoes, or as some of you long-time Bishop’s Lodge stables fans may call me, River. Technically I don’t wear shoes, but I do have hooves, although you won’t see them on TV or anything, despite my name.

I’m a ten year-old black and white paint but just because I have white spots like a cow doesn’t mean I’m a cow. For instance, I don’t “moo,” I prefer the sound “neeeigh.”

I’m good friends with the other horses but my best buddy is Jeff, the stables manager. I often give him rides so we have the opportunity to spend a lot of time together. Plus, he feeds me so that always helps.

Next time you’re at the stables be sure to stop and say “hi.” Hey, maybe I’ll even say “hello” back!

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Meet the Horses – Pistol Pete

Posted by bishopslodgemgr in On the Trail, Our Horses

Howdy! My name is Pistol Pete, but you can call me Pistol if you’d like. I’m a 16 year old Draft-Pony Cross Gelding. I’m a sorrel horse with a flaxen mane and tail, just like my friend, Buster. I have big feet, though I’m short and stocky. Every once in a while, I get hungry on the trail and take a breather to grab a bite to eat. While I prefer carrots and apples, I’ll eat pretty much anything I can get my hooves on. If you’re an intermediate rider who has the strength to pull up my big (and beautiful) head, I may be the horse for you!

Fun fact: Pistol Pete’s best friend is Buster.