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Managing Director Rich Verruni Wins Innkeeper of the Year

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We are very proud to announce that our very own Richard Verruni has been named New Mexico Lodging Association’s (NMLA) 2012 Inn Keeper of the Year. As Managing Director, Rich has been an instrumental part of the Bishop’s Lodge team for more than five years.

His dedication to being a dynamic and highly motivated leader has inspired his staff to provide the guests with the best Southwestern experience. He is responsible for directing all of the organizational functions including financials, operations, human resources, and managing the revenue and growth of the resort.

Before joining the Bishop’s Lodge team in 2008, his journey through the hospitality industry began more than twenty years ago working at several prestigious resorts. With every resort he has worked for, all have flourished under his management.

Rich has placed emphasis on implementing innovative training programs for staff members, and he and his team generates guest satisfaction levels of at least 90 percent or higher in feedback. He deeply cares about his profession and the guests.  As a result, he creates an amazing getaway experience for all who visit the resort.

In addition to his outstanding work ethic, Verruni has a deep commitment to both his state and his profession. He serves as a member on the board of directors for the Santa Fe Lodgers Association, the New Mexico Children’s Foundation and the New Mexico Hotel Association.

We are thankful to the NMLA for honoring Rich and Bishop’s Lodge with this prestigious award and we look forward to serving our guests with the high standars we hold for ourselves for many more years!

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5 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding

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Some of the best weddings we’ve hosted here at Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort and Spa have been in the beautiful natural setting of our outdoor space. Nestled in a tranquil valley at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, our secluded resort surrounds you with 450 acres of rolling hills and towering cottonwood trees.  If you’re considering an outdoor wedding here are 5 planning tips:

  1. Choose Timing:  Time of year and time of day are very important considerations when planning an outdoor wedding. Consult the Farmer’s Almanac ( and research weather for your location so you can choose a date that corresponds with warm weather.  Most outdoor weddings at Bishop’s Lodge take place from late-spring through the fall. Also, think about the time of day – depending on the month, morning weddings can be too cool, while during the heat of the summer, a mid-day wedding can be too hot. Plan accordingly.
  2. Plan for Outdoor Elements:  Never assume that the weather will be perfect because it’s your wedding day. Depending on your location and time of year, you could experience unseasonable temperatures (too hot or too cold) or there could be rain. Not having an alternate plan has forced many couples to postpone their nuptials. At Bishop’s Lodge we can assist in providing options so you don’t have to worry if Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate on you big day.
  3. Your Décor:  Outdoor weddings are a great opportunity to scale back your decor budget since you’re already in a fabulous setting. Leverage the natural settings and lush green surroundings of Bishop’s Lodge.
  4. Prepare Your Guests: You should consider letting your guests know that your big event will take place outside so they can be prepared for the weather and the outdoor elements . This will help guests make decisions on attire (eg. bringing a sweater or sun hat) and sunscreen.
  5. Hire a Good Wedding Planner:  There are so many details to think about when planning your big day. Having a professional wedding coordinator can help ease your stress. Our professional staff will assist you in planning every last detail of your New Mexico wedding celebration – from menu selection and seating plans to photographers, decorations, and audiovisual needs.

So whether you’re planning an intimate ceremony for twenty in Bishop Lamy’s Chapel or a grand sunset reception for 350 on the Mesa Vista overlook, your special day will be celebrated with our distinct, elegant style. We’ll make it easy for you to have your outdoor wedding at Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort.

Bishop's Lodge Romance

Valentine’s Day is a Special Time in Santa Fe

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Valentine’s Day is a special holiday here in Santa Fe. Every local business goes out of their way to provide all of our guests with a romantic getaway. Here at Bishops Lodge Ranch Resort and Spa, we have everything a couple needs to have that fairytale V-Day.

This Valentine’s Day, sweethearts have the opportunity take part in our Villas for Valentines special. In addition to discounted rates on our two- and three-bedroom villas,, guests will receive a $100 resort credit to be used on anything from couples massages to romantic dinners at Las Fuentes. To start the romantic holiday off right, guest will be greeted with complimentary wine and fresh strawberries upon arrival.

The city of Santa Fe is also getting into the romantic spirit with complementary maps for a self-guided chocolate walking tour. This tour will take couples on a picturesque walk through the city, with five stops at local chocolatiers. At each stop there will be samples of some of the world’s finest chocolates.

After the romantic walk through the city, guests can come back to Bishops Lodge and enjoy a romantic dinner for two at Las Fuentes Restaurant & Bar. For only $99 couples will receive a romantic three-course meal. Guests will be dining while listening to the crackling fire and the sounds of Robert Sequoia’s classical guitar, all while taking in the majestic views of the Tesuque Valley and Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

There is no better way to spend Valentines Day this year than by staying at Bishops Lodge Ranch Resort and Spa. Our staff will make sure each of our valentines has the perfect romantic getaway. For more information on Bishop’s Lodge and our Valentine’s Day specials, visit


Kettlebell Classes Kick-Off at Bishop’s Lodge

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If you’ve seen the cast-iron kettlebells at your gym recently and wondered whether they serve a purpose aside from keeping doors open, we’re here to confirm that the rumors are true. Kettlebell workout classes, which have become increasingly popular in recent months, have come to Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa!

What’s all the hype about? A recent study shows kettlebell workouts can burn nearly 300 calories in only 20 minutes! Furthermore, once you factor in calories burned post-workout, that number could increase by up to 50 percent.

The kettlebell is essentially a new take on a traditional tool – the dumbbell. The kettlebell workout is more challenging because the weight of the bell is uneven, causing stabilizer muscles to work even harder.

Next time you’re at Bishop’s Lodge, find out for yourself just how effective our kettlebell workout can be! Our one-hour class begins at 8:00 a.m. every Saturday. The class, taught by Certified Personal Trainer Eric Chang, is free to guests and only $10 for non-guests.

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Top 10 Tips for Productive Meetings

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Get down to business at Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa with these tips to make the most out of your meeting:

  1. Start and end on time. When a meeting starts late, people are conditioned to believe other meetings will start late, so therefore they can arrive late. If the meeting does need to run long, be sure to let your audience know, so they know the end is in sight.
  2. Encourage engagement. For the most synergistic meetings, find a way to draw out the people who are hesitant to chime in.
  3. Chit-chat is important. Plan for social time before and after meetings in order for attendees and presenters to relate on a personal level.
  4. Create an agenda and stick to it. Creating and following an agenda ensures that everyone is on the same page.
  5. Limit distractions. Keep outside noise to a minimum and request that people refrain from using phones, tablets and computers for anything unrelated to the topic at hand.
  6. Schedule breaks for people to check email and phone. People receive an extraordinary number of phone calls, text messages and emails each day. Allow a few minutes every so often to check in.
  7. Make sure you have everything you need. Coordinate with our team to make sure your meeting space is equipped with everything you need for your presentations.
  8. Provide variety at meals. With an increase in special dietary needs, the most productive meetings will provide a wide breadth of meals.
  9. Check for comfy chairs. If your meetings are long, participants will have a hard time focusing more than a few hours in uncomfortable chairs. At Bishop’s Lodge, our chairs are designed for your comfort.
  10. Determine specific action items. At the end of the meeting, be sure that all action items are clear, and that the person or people in charge of each item is determined and a feasible deadline is established.

For group meeting specials, packages and details, contact Veronica by email at or by phone at 505.992.3604. Happy meeting!

12 Days of Christmas at Bishop’s Lodge

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Holiday cheer is in full effect this season at Bishop’s Lodge! To celebrate, we’re hosting 12 Days of Christmas activities right here on the ranch. All of these activities are free and open to the public. If you’ll be in Santa Fe, we would love for you and your family to stop by for any or all of these events.

Happy holidays from your friends at Bishop’s Lodge! 

Bishop's Lodge New Mexico Style

Chef McLean’s Holiday Appearance on New Mexico Style

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This morning, Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa Chef Christopher McLean made an appearance on New Mexico Style to share Bishop’s Lodge holiday happenings and, of course, to share one of his renowned recipes.

This year at Bishop’s Lodge, our holiday activities calendar is packed with 12 Days of Christmas events. From carolers to book signing to hot chocolate socials, we have activities for everyone throughout the 12 days!

For New Year’s Eve, we’re hosting a New Year’s on New York time dinner. Guests will enjoy a three-course meal at Las Fuentes. Once the ball drops in NYE, the party will move to the pavilion, where MANZANARES will rock the house!

Be sure to watch the video below for details on holiday happenings and for Chef’s Persimmon Cake recipe!

Bishop’s Lodge “Persimmon Cake”

Holiday Parties at one of Santa Fe’s Most Iconic Resorts

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Thanksgiving has come and gone, which means the holiday season has finally commenced. If you haven’t already planned your holiday gathering, it’s not too late! Whether it’s a family gathering or a corporate event, our staff is happy to serve you this holiday.

Hosted at one of Santa Fe’s most traditionally festive resorts, your Bishop’s Lodge soiree can be as casual or elegant as you please. Regardless of whether the dress is black tie or boots and jeans, Chef Chris McLean and our catering staff will make certain that your holiday cuisine surpasses our four-diamond standard.

Below, you’ll find a few sample menus. Not what you’re looking for? Give our catering department a call at 505.819.4006 and we’ll help you determine the perfect menu for your holiday party.

We look forward to making your holiday party a memorable one. Happy holidays!




Team Building Lessons Learned from the Beat of a Drum

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At Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa, we offer a variety of team building activities. One such activity that’s gaining poularity is our Drum Circles, lead by Jade Gonzales.  Playing within the context of a drum circle is truly an example of the concept of teamwork at its highest level. As the rhythms come together and grow, we quickly realize the need for trust and dependence amongst our fellow drummers. So many of the lessons we learn in the drum circle can be directly applied in our homes, our schools, our workplaces, and our lives:

We learn to relax.

We learn to let go.

We learn to lead when necessary, and follow as needed.

We learn to focus intensely at times, and to just feel our way along at others.

We learn that although we may have differences with co-workers, family, that we each have a similar need for support, to be successful.

We learn to accept and appreciate other’s differences and how we can benefit from supporting personal individuality and expression.

And we learn how–without balance and harmony–the slightest hint of discord can send the whole thing spiraling out of control.

These are important lessons. The beauty is that, when learned in the proper environment, the actual learning process becomes invisible. The transition between these elements is seamless and transparent, and the concepts become as natural as breathing. Not the individual rhythms, of course–many of those take years to truly master–but rather our awareness of ourselves and our role in the bigger picture (in the circle and in life).

Take a moment to watch the below video of a recent group Drum Circle session at Bishop’s Lodge. If any of the groups you’re a member of – your family, your work, your organizations – would benefit from a Drum Circle, call us at 505-629-4822 to schedule a session.


There’s No Better Place to Pursue Happiness than at Bishop’s Lodge

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This week, we’re celebrating Pursuit of Happiness Week. More than an unalienable constitutional right, we believe the pursuit of happiness is the key to living fulfilling life. You might ask, “What does Bishop’s Lodge have to do with my own pursuit of happiness?”  So we figured we’d share a few reasons Bishop’s Lodge makes us happy. Perhaps next time you’re here, these things will aid in your happiness pursuit:

The Views: Nestled on 450 beautiful acres in the Tesuque Valley of Northern New Mexico, the views from Bishop’s Lodge are unlike any other location in Santa Fe. Whether sun or snow-drenched, the mountainous surroundings are sure to take your breath away.

The Horses: Whether you’re on a trail ride or simply observing, the many personalities of our horses are fascinating, particularly in a surrounding such as Bishop’s Lodge.

The Trails: Whether biking, running or hiking, the trails at Bishop’s Lodge are sure to elevate your heart rate and your endorphins. An outdoor workout is always a great way to find happiness.

The Food: Many people believe food is happiness and we couldn’t agree more. We love to bring together family and friends over a bottle of Bishop’s Lodge Heritage wine and authentic Santa Fe cuisine.

Next time you find yourself in pursuit of happiness, call us at 505-629-4822 to find out what we can do to help with your journey.